Marin County Vasectomy Reversal

Marin County Vasectomy Reversal

Knowing the Risks of a Marin County Vasectomy Reversal

No surgery is 100 percent safe. There are risks involved with every surgery, and that includes vasectomy reversal. And while it might be scary to go under the knife knowing what could happen, it is better to know so that you can make an informed decision about vasectomy reversal risks and whether the procedure is right for you.


Even though it is unlikely, sometimes an infection can develop following a vasectomy reversal in Marin County. Most infections that do develop are mild and only require oral antibiotics. However, in rate cases, a severe infection could set in that requires intravenous antibiotics.


Another of the vasectomy reversal risks that you need to be aware of is a hematoma. A hematoma occurs when a lot of blood collects in the scrotum. This can cause swelling, discoloration, and discomfort. If you are going to get a Marin County vasectomy reversal, you need to know that a hematoma can happen.

Sperm Granuloma

A sperm granuloma occurs when sperm leaks from the area that has been reconnected--either the formerly severed ends of the vas deferens or the vas deferens and epididymis. This leak can cause inflammation following vasectomy reversal and in rare cases can even cause damage to the reconnected area. Be sure to ask your vasectomy reversal doctor about this possibility and what is done in case it occurs.

Remember, when selecting a vasectomy reversal microsurgeon or a vasectomy reversal doctor to ask whatever questions you may have about vasectomy reversal risks.

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